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Interview with anonymous

Below is the interview with anonymous, done 28 May 2010 Friday, 00:03:31 your time.
 Are you overweight? Or have you ever been overweight?
 If you are overweight, what do you think is the reason FOR YOU?
heavy eating
 What do you think is the reason FOR OTHER OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE?
oil and sugar
 Are you on a diet at the moment?
 What does diet mean for you?
a- Not to eat and starve myself.
b- Cutting the calories.
c- Cutting the calories plus increasing the exercise.
d- Getting all the things my body needs with less calories.
e- Getting all the things my body needs with less calories plus increasing the exercise.
f- Eating as usual but increasing the exercise.
g- Healthy life style.
h- Your own definition. Please type.
becoming healthy
 Do you expect your diet to be successful, if so why? If not why?
 Have you ever managed to lose weight, but then gain again? If yes, why and how did you get back some of the weight?
yes,not tried
 If you have ever succeeded to achieve your diet goals, what is it that you`ve done right?
 Please tell us 3 tips for a successful diet. We are all ears.
exercise,fresh fruits and comfort
 What are you observing in other dieters as mistakes?
skiping meals
 Please tell us some important mistakes you did in your diets. We can learn from them.
skiping meals in night time
 If you never managed to get thin until now, why do you think? A criticizing mother? Pizza Hut?
 How should your close ones treat you as a dieter? Should they better be quiet on the subject, or should they push you?
yes some time
 If you are living with others, how do you handle the problem of you having special diet meals while others have their usual meals?
dont know
 How do you cope with eating less? For some people it really hurts and is like hell. For some others, they enjoy the light feeling. How about you?
with patient
 Could you warn us about some diet methods you got involved with that did not work?
skiping meals
 Could you tell us some diet methods you got involved with that did work.
exercise and stay away from oil and junck food
 Where do you stand on the subject of exercise?
 Is there anything you`d care to say about diets?
 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
thanks too

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