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Walking, 4.5 mph, level, firm surface, very, very brisk

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Exercise Calorie Values

1 hour 2 hours 30 min 15 min 1 minute mile km
Calories for Standard Weight 154lbs/70kg370 cals /hour740 cals185 cals93 cals6 cals82 cals51 cals
Calories for Female, below average weight317 cals /hour635 cals159 cals79 cals5 cals71 cals44 cals
Calories for Female, average weight397 cals /hour793 cals198 cals99 cals7 cals88 cals55 cals
Calories for Female, overweight476 cals /hour952 cals238 cals119 cals8 cals106 cals66 cals
Calories for Male, below average weight344 cals /hour688 cals172 cals86 cals6 cals76 cals47 cals
Calories for Male, average weight423 cals /hour846 cals212 cals106 cals7 cals94 cals58 cals
Calories for Male, overweight529 cals /hour1058 cals264 cals132 cals9 cals118 cals73 cals

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