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People with the following or similar conditions should not use our site.

  • nursing mothers
  • mothers-to-be
  • people under the age of 18
  • old people
  • physically ill people
  • mentally ill people
  • people who need special health care

The reason is, our site does not contain the special handlings and warnings those people may need.

Example: A person with a medical restriction regarding potassium may be misguided in our daily diary, as the total potassium shown in the daily diary is designed for regular users and does not mention details like missing food data. In other words, for daily diary, if a food does not have potassium data, that food does not increase that days total potassium value, as if it had no potassium. This problem of missing data being converted to zero exists in all diary systems, not only ours.

As a general precaution for all of our users, please do not do anything unusual or extreme through or based on this site.

Anyone taking a diet should be under close supervision of a health professional. There are more dangers involved than people may expect, even though an observant health professional can handle most should they occur.

     For one example, please see Womens Health: Dieting and Gallstones

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